Difficult decisions

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Is it me, or did decision-making become a little more difficult in recent years? My guess is I’m not alone, given the country’s split between Leave or Remain, and whether or not to have a second referendum… There’s no doubt business is suffering because of the current political impasse, but that doesn’t mean we have to tread water. In my experience, being in limbo is something we humans struggle with. We’re evolutionarily programmed to be moving, going somewhere so when we have to wait for other people or external events to decide our fate, it never sits well with the human psyche.

However fellow designers, marketers and business owners, take heart! Whether you’re buying or selling, moving into a new realm of business or property, perhaps offering new products or services, or maybe considering a re-brand, most things in business involve risk. Sure, you can’t know if your profits will decrease after Brexit, but you CAN put away contingency funds. And once you’ve done that, and informed yourself as much as possible in these crazy times, you most certainly CAN continue to promote your business, remind people what you do best, and show your customers that YOU HAVEN’T left. Show them you’re still here, remind them yours is a business they can trust. Because right now your customers need that quality, arguably more than any other, in buckets and spades.

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